Portugal hosts Luxembourg to open pre-qualifiers on Sunday

Portugal hosts Luxembourg to open pre-qualifiers on Sunday

Our national team will play its first game of the “FIBA Eurobasket 2021 pre-qualifiers“ on Sunday (17 o'clock Luxembourgish time) in Portugal.

The team of head-coach Ken Diederich and assistant Philip Dejworek enter the game as the outsider, but a surprise is not completely out of reach against the home team.

See the full roster of our team here:

Bob Melcher (PG), Amicale Steesel

Philippe Gutenkauf (PG), Etzella Ettelbréck

Max Schmit (PG), Résidence Walfer

Thomas Grün (F), Gladiators Tréier

Ben Kovac (F), Basket Esch

Jairo Delgado (F), Etzella Ettelbréck

Oliver Vujakovic (PF), Résidence Walfer

Alex Laurent (PF), Den Helder Suns

Dean Gindt (PF) Sparta Bartreng

Tom Welter (G), Musel Pikes

Joé Kalmes (PF), Musel Pikes

Jean Kox (F), Musel Pikes

All games in group C for our team:

Thursday 22th of February 2018: Luxembourg - Cyprus

Thursday 28th of June 2018: Luxembourg - Portugal

Sunday 1st of July 2018: Cyprus - Luxembourg

The live-stats of the game should (!) be available here --> http://www.fiba.basketball/eurobasket/2021/pre-qualifiers/2611/Portugal-Luxembourg

Interview with head-coach Ken Diederich by wort.lu --> http://www.basketlux.lu/index.php?site=page&id=news&newsID=12110